About Karma For Tuffy

In August 2007, a pet dog died in Delhi due to tick fever. His was a natural death unlike most of his counterparts. But,¬† that seemingly little incident¬† changed the fate of many dogs and other animals. Rohan Rawat, an avid animal lover and dog enthusiast was deeply touched by the death of his favorite Labrador. Inspite of having enough money to everything possible for his dog, Rohan couldn’t help him live. So, as a tribute to his beloved partner, Rohan started on his mission of caring for the less fortunate street dogs in the National Capital Region (Delhi, Noida, Ghizabad &¬† Gurgaon).

The scope of his work soon expanded and he soon founded himself caring for varied lot of animals and birds. He found in this great mission, a strong team of friends and colleagues who would sacrifice their sleep to rescue an injured dog in some remote corner of the city. Eight years since 2007, today, Rohan and his team are some of the most known animal lovers and animal rescuers in the country.Ask Rohan of what his next plan, and an instant reply comes, “Open a 24*7 hours running dedicated animal hospital”, as he has faced the challenge of finding clinics open after just 8 pm, and accidents can happen any time to an animal !

The Bangalore chapter of the organization is a highly committed team and continues doing remarkable work in the field of animal care and animal rescue. Karma-for-Tuffy, is actually the expression of deep faith amongst all the members that service to every being is a good act and would surely be rewarded as the law of ‘karma’ states.
At Karma for Tuffy, service to the voiceless is the