Rohan’s comments on army dog euthanasia

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Creature Companion Magazine, July 2015 edition

Humans today are indeed in a state of loss; we have long back lost our legitimate right to be called humans. The humble dog lives his whole life on only one principal, which is, faithfulness. But his master seldom learns that even aft er being served for years by that faithful canine servant. This happens every day, on every street and every gully of the country; and doesn’t surprise us much now.

It was indeed a huge shock to hear of the fate of Army dogs as revealed by the RTI on the same a few days back. The same government that can be so nice and justifiably thankful to its human soldiers, offering so many retirement benefits; cannot just spend a few thousands or probably lakhs for the darker days of that canine who has bitten bombs to save this country?

Will the Indian Government become bankrupt if it decides to take care of a few hundred or a thousand military dogs? At Karma for Tuffy, we spend many sleepless nights rescuing abandoned, injured and desperate dogs from streets of Bangalore, Delhi and other metro cities. We would like to urge to our honorable PM to play his part and decide to save those brave dogs and grant them a respectable retirement.

Let him be the voice of those voiceless or the nation will have to raise its voice. The youth of today has changed and we, as young Indians carry values and are not afraid to speak.

– Rohan Rawat: Founder, Karma for Tuffy

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Creature Companion- Comment on army dog euthanasia