What We Do

At Karma for Tuffy, we do a whole lot of things that helps serve the cause of our voiceless friends. Here is a brief summary of our engagements:

Animal Rescues

Rescuing sick, distressed, deprived, injured, unfed animals is of utmost priority to every KFT member. Although human beings claim to be the most civilized of creatures, it is utterly sad to see the savagery that humans commit towards the peaceful and beautiful animals. Be it a dog chained to injury by its owner, or a cat run over its legs by a car- KFT members would be there to help. We highly encourage and promote calling on our helpline nos. in case of any distressed animal sighting. Once we get a call, we reach the spot at the earliest, provide first aid support and then coordinate with relevant NGOs and Govt organizations for a more durable solution.

Awareness for stray animals

This is another important aspect of our work. We believe that there is a good side in every human being. At KFT, we strive to raise the inner conscience of citizens and wake them up to the cause of the less fortunate animals. Our awareness drives have often been appreciated for their dedication, creativity and impact.

Adoption drives

We strive to give a comfortable home to every animal in distress. Thus, we strongly discourage buying of expensive breeds and rather, adopt a street dog, an abandoned animal, or an injured one. We have had achieved great success in this effort.

Animal Birth Control Programmes

We have promoted sterilization of dogs and cats in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore. We have actively worked with govt bodies and NGOs in this initiative.

Events for a cause

In December 2014. we conducted a highly attended event called “Voice for the Voiceless” in Town Hall, Bangalore. The event had received phenomenal response from the community, media and even local govt authorities. Through the event, we highlighted various issues of concern to the local authorities and succeeded in creating enormous awareness on the issue. In the past such, events have been organized in Delhi and Noida as well and the response had been equally encouraging.